Shipshaw Labs was founded in March 2006 to develop cutting edge hardware and software solutions for life science research. It is based in Montreal, Quebec, (Canada). Ongoing improvements in high-throughput sequencing technology have resulted in datasets so large that existing tools and methodologies are no longer up to the task of analyzing this data. The speed at which sequencing technology improves greatly exceeds improvements in semiconductor technology, resulting in worsening bioinformatics bottlenecks. Through a combination of proprietary hardware and software, Shipshaw Labs aims to provide new tools to address these issues.

About the founder
Martin Laurence is the founder of Shipshaw Labs. Prior to Shipshaw, he cofounded Octasic Semiconductor at age 19. As Octasic's chief integrated circuit (IC) designer he was responsible for the design of all ICs produced at Octasic until 2005: ATM and IP voice packetization, voice compression, and echo cancellation devices. He left Octasic in 2006 to found Shipshaw Labs.

Prior to founding Octasic, in 1996 Martin designed his first commercial chip: a 1,000 channel ATM voice packetization device. The device was marketed by Zarlink Semiconductor and was an immediate commercial success. This success led to the foundation of Octasic Semiconductor in 1998. Martin is a member of the Board of directors of Octasic. He graduated in Pure and Applied Science from Maisonneuve College in Montreal in 1998.